In the world of events, the new normal focuses on the business of events, not the events business.

With its mantra of doing more with less, while demanding greater accountability and delivering real business results, the new normal paradigm has exposed deep flaws in our current industry business models. Their failure to keep pace with the rapid rate of economic, cultural, social, and environmental change and the evolving needs of consumers has created the need for a new value proposition.

The status quo only yields increasingly diminishing returns.

What’s needed, not just to survive, but to thrive, is a new way of thinking about what really matters to you and your event stakeholders.

Strategy first over tactics. Sustainable business model innovations over the traditional P&L model. Greater relevancy over legacy.

The FutureShow Group is a team of veteran event industry professionals who collaborate in developing customized solutions designed to reinvent your event experience and ultimately, drive greater business value.

Our process starts with clarifying your short- and long-term business and event objectives and making sure there’s a system in place that will help you measure your progress and make more timely course corrections when necessary.

Then we align our core competencies in strategy, branding and marketing, exhibit and experiential design and analytics to addresses the event challenges that have the greatest impact on your bottom line.


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