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Rethinking the “pipe and drape” grid—FutureShow presents an exciting new vision for the design of an exhibit space and the exhibits within it. With our modern booth décor and fully customizable booth furnishings, your show is no longer confined to the 10 x 10 boxy booths that have been the industry standard for years. Instead, booths can be set up in a variety of formats that best fit the space and the needs of your attendees. The result is a modern, clean look that creates an environment that increases the exchange of information and ideas between exhibitors and attendees.

Redefining the business model—How much does it cost your exhibitors and sponsors to actually attend your event? How much of that revenue finds its way back to your organization? The FutureShow business model reallocates the total expenditures incurred by your sponsors and exhibitors by reverting some of those funds back to your organization. And the best part is that this is done without any additional expense to your association, its exhibitors, or your attendees.

Retaining and attracting exhibitors with increased ROI—Today’s business marketers are faced with increased costs and a more competitive environment. Now, more than ever, marketing dollars are measured for the return on the investment (ROI) they generate. Simply put, an investment in an annual event that does not give a good ROI will be an event that will not be included in the next year’s marketing plan. FutureShow offers an exciting and interactive solution that is designed to increase ROI for each exhibiting company. GottaConnect combines lead retrieval with document delivery combined in a unique platform that is an integral part of the FutureShow concept.

Creating community—FutureShow is more than a vendor of exhibitor services. We are partners with each of our clients in creating an event that is “must attend” for association members and the supplier community. We help you create an environment that strategically serves the unique needs for information and an open exchange of ideas so that everyone who attends leaves with knowing that their time was well spent, productive, and lucrative and in which connections were made that will extend well beyond the dates of your conference.


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