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FutureShow Earns Event Appointed Marketer Designation by E2MA
EXPLORE to Feature The Hughes Group’s FutureShow

COLUMBIA, MD – July 29, 2013 - The Hughes Group, a leading provider of event management tools and event and environmental design, today announced that its FutureShow®, a program designed to realign revenue and increase the Return On Investment (ROI) for Face-to-Face marketing events, has earned the Exhibit and Event Marketers Association (E2MA), Event Appointed Marketer (EAM) designation. FutureShow has also been selected to connect with event marketers at EXPLORE! Optimizing Customer Attainment from Event Engagement, a symposium produced and organized by the CMO Council and E2MA. EXPLORE will take place on July 29 at Hyatt McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.
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The Hughes Group Announces Newly Developed
Conference Economics Concept

FutureShow® Increases Growth and Profitability for Show Organizers
COLUMBIA, MD - June 17, 2013 - The Hughes Group, a leading provider of exhibits, event management and environments, today announced the development of a new model for conference economics, focused on content-driven, face-to-face communications and environments that generate better profitability and growth for organizers and sponsors of small-to- medium sized exhibitions.
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Posters for the next generation

If the very mention of the word “posters” brings memories of Elmer’s glue and elementary school, it’s time you rethought the medium. A mainstay of medical and scientific conferences, posters represent a time-honored way of displaying detailed information. But posters have evolved enormously beyond the grade-school versions we remember. They’ve morphed into a new species known as e-posters. Read full Case Study »

The Trade Show Exhibitor’s Association 2011 Red Diamond Congress Case Study

Challenge: When their annual trade show and conference was unexpectedly postponed by the event owner/organizer 9 months out, the Trade Show Exhibitor’s Association (TSEA, founded in 1968) needed to do something fast. But what? Read full Case Study »

Case Study – The American Academy of Nurses Increases Attendance and Revenue 30% - AGAIN!!

Challenge: After re-creating their annual meeting into an award winning event in 2010, the American Academy of Nursing wanted to again raise the bar for their 2011 Washington D.C meeting. But how? Read full Case Study »

Digital Management Streamlines Poster Sessions

ePostersLive™ is a digital platform that accommodates the poster process in all of its stages, enabling presenters to submit or tweak their poster presentations at the last moment without the lead time required for paper posters... Read the Article»

Lower Costs, More Choices Top Wish List at Trade Show Exhibitors' Conference

Escalating costs and diminishing choices were two of the main topics discussed by attendees at the Red Diamond Congress, Sunday through Wednesday at the Peabody Orlando. The event brought together more than 200 exhibit managers, show organizers, general contractors, and suppliers for more than 45 sessions covering advocacy, strategy, and implementation. This is the second year... Read the Article»

Red Diamond Congress 2011: Reinventing the model for trade show education and face-to-face connections

Robert Hughes is President of The Hughes Group in Baltimore, Maryland. I had the opportunity of interviewing Bob in June 2011 on the unique design of the Red Diamond Congress (RDC) 2011 and the reasons for this innovative design. Bob is a spellbinder and is one of the most interesting people that I have ever met. Read the Article»

CONVENE: "The Softer Side of Exhibiting"

A conference on nursing research ditches the typical trade-show format in favor of a whole new look — designed to foster better conversation.

To learn more, see "The Softer Side of Exhibiting" in the December issue of CONVENE»

BIZBASH.com: "14 Most Innovative Meetings

Exhibition Layout, American Academy of Nursing Meeting
How do you convince attendees to linger at a conference? Make it cozy. Last September, Gale Quilter Guerrieri, meetings and event manager for the American Academy of Nursing, rethought the space that housed 40 exhibitors for the biennual Council for Advancement of Nursing Science. Guerrieri eschewed sharp angles in favor of round tables and cushy chairs, framed by fabric-draped walls underlit with blue lights for a tranquil effect. “[Exhibitors] said people were engaged... and that there was a sense of calm in the room so they could concentrate,” Guerrieri said. The layout was such a hit that Guerrieri added sofas and end tables to the networking lounge at the AAN’s annual conference two months later.

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